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Culdee Presbyterian Church
Health and School Kits
Health and School Kits
Health and School Kits

Please contribute assembled hygiene / school kits or individuals items that can be assembled into kits! The need in the USA and around the world is great due to natural disasters and political conflicts. Place your donated kits/kit items in the Sunroom anytime!!! Thank You!!

Hyigene Kits (Place items in a gallon sized ziplock bag)

1 handtowel

1 washcloth


1 pair of nail clippers

1 bath-size wrapped soap

1 toothbrush in its original package

6 standard-sized bandaids

DO NOT INCLUDE TOOTHPASTE; ones with an extended expiration date will be added into kits at the processing center.

School Kits

1 pair of rounded-tip metal scissors

3 spiral notebooks (70 pages) NO LOOSE LEAF PAPER

1 foot long ruler

1 hand held pencil sharpener

1 large eraser

6 new pencils with erasers

1 box of crayons(24 count ONLY)

Pack these items into a 12" x 14" to 14" x 17" cotton or lightweight canvas bag with cloth handles.

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